A new dawn and a time to unite

After three and a half years of unending political drama, the United Kingdom is finally leaving the European Union.

The vote of the British people, has been delivered on. Getting to this point was not easy; we have seen two Prime Minister’s come and go, and our nation has been bitterly divided.

Our departure from the European Union is undeniably an historic moment; one which presents us with both great challenges and opportunities. Our future outside the European Union is now ours to shape. After forty years of membership of the EU; the basis of our economic prosperity, the means by which we trade and how we make our laws will change. Yet, the possibilities of what we can achieve together, are endless. If we can recapture our sense of unity and shared purpose, we can build a truly global Britain; one of opportunity and optimism. A Britain we can all be proud of.

For Brexit, is not a radical shift to the right, neither is it a rejection of Europe. We are no less European today, than we were yesterday. Neither are we any less compassionate, or welcoming to diversity. As we embark on this next chapter in our nation’s history, let us be a nation which tackles, and leads, on the great issues of our time; from social care, to the shortage of affordable housing, and to climate change.

As the referendum result in 2016 was a message from the forgotten communities of this country to Westminster, of a desire for real tangible change; the 2019 General Election result is our opportunity to deliver this. We can redraw the known political realities by delivering on our promises. Getting Brexit done is but the first step on our journey of renewal; we must now redouble our efforts to show the communities across this country that voted Conservative for the first time in decades, that we will deliver for them.

Our Prime Minister has proven the sceptics wrong at every turn. The electorate have given him an opportunity to use our exit from the European Union as the catalyst for real, tangible change in this country; unburdened by what has been, and optimistic about what we, together, can achieve.

So, the possibilities of what we can achieve together are endless, if we can come together in a spirit of unity. As we close the end to a tumultuous chapter in our nations history, let us look forward with optimism in our hearts; to embrace the opportunities before us, to make Brexit work for every region of this country and embark upon a renewal of our values by which our nation can come together, prosper and heal.

by Patrick O'Connor

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