Another Lost Generation

by Noah Khogali

13 long years of SNP rule could be about to come to a very fitting end.

It was just a few weeks ago that I wrote an article pleading for more focus on the SNPs dreadful education record. It seems like that is finally coming to a front.

In the last week, thousands of children have had their dreams dashed in front of their eyes, purely because the SNP judged their intelligence based on their wealth. The irony should not be lost on voters that the SNP have done, what for years they have accused the Tories of doing, they have abandoned the most vulnerable in society purely because they are at the bottom of a social hierarchy that they have consistently pledged to destroy.

John Swinney signed off on an SQA plan to penalise those students from poor areas and reduce their grades by close to 16% on average. He did this on the basis of wealth alone - no evidence, no discourse, no compassion. Judge, juror, executioner. Again, the irony must not be lost on voters that the "nasty party" is the one leading the charge for justice for all the students whose dreams have been trampled as a result of SNPs apparent disdain for the economically disadvantaged. Once again, the Scottish Government has failed yet another generation of Scottish children. They have poisoned their hospitals, deeply damaged the education sector as a whole and have, finally, launched an all out affront to those who dream of breaking down class barriers and climbing the social hierarchy. No longer can the SNP parade behind a false moral superiority - the act is beginning to falter, the mask beginning to slip. As the 2021 election looms, it is becoming ever more apparent to even the most staunch SNP voters that their party is just another pseudo liberal gaggle of ideologues playing politics in a desperate attempt to cling to power.

Even in the midst of this socio-political catastrophe, there was an opportunity for some semblance of redemption - especially for a party filled with spin doctors not dissimilar in their sway over public opinion to the infamous Alastair Campbell. Yet, the classic SNP diversion tactics seemed to fail for the first time in 13 years. The SNP seems not to have learnt one of the most important political lessons of the last six months: never turn on key workers, for good or bad. In a political sense, this was an administrative failure to rival the worst of the SNPs sorry reign. To not ask teachers for evidence of their predicted grades, yet lower them anyway is simply unacceptable - to proceed to blame the teachers for it is inexcusable. When one analyses the situation with even a shred of compassion, something Ms Sturgeon and Mr Swinney are clearly lacking, it becomes blindingly obvious that this is not a party fit to rule.

The past week has been one the SNP would likely rather forget. The Salmond affair ominously rumbles on, teachers, students and parents countrywide are turning on them, Alliance for Unity continues to garner support, the SNP social media team retract hypocritical cries of racism, the Hate Crime Bill is ever more widely condemned and finally, on the horizon, the shapes of a potential powerhouse duo begin to loom. Douglas Ross and Ruth Davidson are Scots to the core - they are compassionate, articulate and most of all, ruthless. No longer, will the SNP be allowed to trample on the most vulnerable in society. The tide is turning.

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