Blue Beyond: A Conservative alternative to Momentum

In April 2019, our founder had a conversation with a friend over Instagram about how a young Conservative on Twitter was complaining about the travel costs into London to partake in CCHQ calling.

Sensing the frustration of the individual and realising how this view is probably shared by other non-London based activists, Luke set up Blue Beyond. Blue Beyond (as of September 7th, 2019) now has over 1000 registered members aged 16-30 from all four nations of the United Kingdom. It continues to grow at pace with individuals coming in from all different background, professionals and experiences. Now, how have so many young people come together in such a short period of time?

Blue Beyond’s objectives are simple: to bring more events to those outside of the M25 and to help our party, the Conservative and Unionist Party, provide more policies designed to catch young voters such as ourselves. For too long, YCs in places like Swansea, Somerset, Stirling, South Belfast and Sunderland have been marginalised geographically from those in the capital. Even hundreds of young London-based Conservatives recognise that them themselves are often side lined for people who happen to work for MPs or for those who work directly for CCHQ.

For those hundreds of activists in Blue Beyond (91% of whom are outside of London), this must change to keep the passion for the party high. YC’s will be the future of this party in 20 years’ time and our future leaders could be buried in places were Conservatives do not normally raise their heads and it is our job to find them. We are also worried about the party’s direction on certain issues. Nationally, the Conservatives do not poll well amongst people under the age of 30 and for us to remain in government, we must convince young people that their political home is with the Conservatives. Via our polling of policies and issues surrounding YCs, 74% of 617 individuals polled believed that housing is the policy that will most engage their peers and other young people. It is necessary for the Party to listen to its younger members, as to truly encourage young voters to look upon the Conservative party as their party, we must show that YCs help form the policies that cater towards issues that mainly affects them. Blue Beyond is unique in this field of YC representation, filling in a niche for YCs nationally.

United in the belief of these values, people from the range of ideologies of Conservatism have joined forces. From People’s Vote supporters to ardent no-dealers, One Nation Conservatives to pure-blooded Thatcherites, Blue Beyond does not discriminate on what you see as Conservatism. It instead celebrates the diversity of opinions and debates held by members. For we are, like our party, a broad church of ideals. On a personal note, I am a 21-year old guy raised in rural South Derbyshire. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, meaning I struggle in social situations and talking to new individuals. But despite this, I cannot express the belonging I feel to every single person who signs up to our mission. This is a family. It is that strong-held belief that I was asked to lead Blue Beyond’s recruitment and membership.

Because if I feel the way I do about such a project which involves bringing people together, then it truly is a vision worth fighting for.

by Lewis Frisby

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