Conservatives, now more than ever, need to fully get behind the human longing for hope

by Leo Imasuen

The outcome of the imminent general election will shape our nation for decades to come.

And while most polls show the conservatives on a major lead over the Labour party, it is important to not be complacent. Indeed, the polls preceding the 2017 general election all placed Theresa May on a 21% lead and on track to win a significant amount of seats from Labour. This did not happen.

The 2017 general election campaign is now widely acknowledged as one of the worst run campaigns in the history of this country’s democracy. The 2019 general election will arguably make the most profound impact on the lives of people in this country like no other election has done in a generation. It is imperative the Conservatives do not repeat the mistakes of Theresa May, or we risk surrendering all our futures to the sickly embrace of Marxism.

The outcome of the 2016 EU referendum is a stark illustration of what happens when campaign platforms replace a message of hope with one of fear and uncertainty. The absence of a positive vision for the future from the remain campaign caused the populace to flock to the side that promised them an outwardly free-trading Britain, striking trade deals with the rest of the world while gaining control of its borders and a reinvesting its EU contributions into public services. The results of the referendum was a brutal defeat of Project Fear and a triumph for hope. Now more than ever the Conservatives need to create a message that connects with every working person. Not a message of fox hunting votes and robotically repeating threats of voting in a chaotic opposition.

Theresa May’s 2017 election campaign failed to connect with the average working person. These engines of the British economy, working day in and out deserved a government that told them how it would make their lives better, not how the opposition would make it worse. In a country where 15% of people have no savings at all, and one in three people have less than £1,500 in savings financial security is precarious and people need a message that will set out a secured future where they are given a chance to work and keep more of their income through an ambition to be the lowest tax government in a generation.

Yes, the Labour party is now fundamentally tethered at the hip to the perils of Marxism. An ideology fundamentally at odds with wealth creation, with prosperity, and with human progress. However, the conservatives must resist making the conveying of this unfortunate reality for the Labour party their main message. It would be easy run an election campaign on a platform that Labour have openly supported the terrorists responsible for the death of thousands of British people, or that the beta tests of their communist ideology directly led to death and misery for millions of men, women, and children.

The dystopian future Britain faces under a Corbyn leadership must be carefully explained to the British public, but the Conservative election campaign cannot allow it to supersede the message of hope and warmth people desperately need in the cold, dark nights of winter coming. A message of safer streets, of less crime, of an immigration system that welcomes the best and brightest, and how renewable energy use is now at its highest ever levels.

The 2019 general election must celebrate this stunning victory and commit to pushing it even higher.

The Conservatives now more than ever need to fully get behind the innate human longing for hope. Our manifesto needs to put across a positive of how we intend to create a future where

the innovation and job creation allowed by the type of capitalism Labour intends to subjugate, is liberated. This election will fundamentally decide not just the fate of the UK but of the fate of the European continent. We must not waste this opportunity to create a parliament that will deliver on the vote of the 2016 referendum.

So let us as Conservatives tell the country how we will make their lives better, let us give them hope for a better future, and we will win.

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