Forget Extinction Rebellion, meet the British Conservation Alliance

One of the most eagerly debated topics in todays world is the issue of environmentalism, and climate change.

It is an issue that will affect each and every one of us indiscriminately, yet it is one that is monopolised by those on the left, and the centre-left.

For too long there has been a distinct lack in plurality of voices on this issue. The renewal of conservative conservation, and a belief in the possibilities of market-based solutions, will only serve to add to this debate. It should be something every environmentalist welcomes.

The truth of the matter is however, many people may be sceptical about engaging with, and championing the free market to tackle this issue. It is incumbent on those of us who believe in these solutions to have an open, honest conversation with those who are sceptical, and to make the case for centre-right environmentalism. For if we are to champion the free market, it is here that lays the greatest realm of possibility to enact change. If we champion our entrepreneurs, the dynamic solutions they formulate could provide a step-change in the field of environmentalism.

This is not to say that the government should not have a role in his issue. If we look for examples of where government support has enabled environmental business to stand on their own two feet, it has seen some remarkable developments. In California, the creation of the Oleo sponge, from renewable materials, which has the ability to absorb oil from oil spills. This provides a prime example for the good that business can do in tackling environmental issues.

For the free market is one of the greatest agents of human change the world has ever seen; let us empower the market to sustainably power our country. The British Conservation Alliance is determined to re-engage with the principles of conservative conservation, and translate these into dynamic market-based solutions to environmental problems.

In an era where the market is distrusted, and the ability of the free-market to deliver real, tangible change is being questioned, those advocating for such an approach to environmentalism have been side-lined.

A whole generation of centre-right environmentalists are being excluded from this discussion. The British Conservation Alliance is determined to change that, and to provide a space for the voices of centre-right environmentalism. That means challenging the notion that economic prosperity and environmental protection are mutually exclusive ambitions. That means championing notions of free-enterprise and the possibility of market-based solutions. It is only by doing this, by changing the narrative, and formulating solutions, that we can begin to protect our beautiful environment.

by Patrick O'Connor

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