Hardcore Remainers are nothing like the moderates they paint themselves to be. They’re radicals.

In the chaotic whirlwind that has been politics these past few weeks, I can confidently say that one thing has become extremely clear: these hardcore Remainers are not democrats, nor are they ‘moderate’ or intrinsically more moral than Brexiteers.

The cold hard truth of it all is that they are the real radicals, seeking to thwart the outcome of a democratic vote that took place 3 years ago, all because they believe that they know what’s better for the people, despite the people consistently telling them otherwise at every given opportunity.

What has become particularly interesting about the Brexit debate, is how Remainers have controlled the narrative pertaining to our departure from the European Union. For the past 3 years, Remainers have been framing themselves as the moderates, the reasonable ones, when in reality they’re anything but.

The replacement of 'Remainer' Theresa May with 'Leaver' Boris Johnson has sent hardcore Remainers into overdrive, doing everything they can to dictate the narrative when faced with a leaver that is making it patently clear that he is serious about leaving the EU, deal or no deal. As Amber Rudd confirmed upon her departure from the government and the Conservative party, most of the government’s efforts were being put into preparing for a no deal Brexit – as it should have done years ago.

The recent prorogation of Parliament is a massive example of this. Remainers came out in droves screaming ‘stop the coup!’, without seemingly understanding what coup even means. Not only was their outrage ill founded, legally speaking, but proroguing is something every new government does. This has been the longest parliamentary session since the Civil War, so why wouldn’t there be a Queen’s Speech at such a pivotal time in our country’s history?

But the madness doesn’t stop there. In another desperate bid to stop Brexit, the radicals in Parliament have pushed a Surrender Bill, put forward by the Opposition, that would compel the Prime Minister to ask the European Union for yet another extension to Brexit, kicking the can further down the road. To make matters worse, the European Union would have the freedom to agree upon any extension time they pleased and Parliament would surely agree to it, taking into consideration how emphatic they have been about their opposition to any form of Brexit that didn’t tie us as close as possible to the EU. And of course these so called “democrats” don’t want a General Election voting 298-55, 136 short of the 2/3 majority needed, as they clearly fear that putting their case truly to the people would give them the exact opposite of what they want, just like what occurred when the people dared to go against the will of the pro-EU elite, by voting to Leave in the referendum.

Then came the cries of outrage when 21 radical Conservative MPs were expelled from the Party, for literally voting against their own government’s ability to govern. MPs such as Phillip Hammond, David Gauke, Rory Stewart and Dominic Grieve were given the boot, much to their dismay and surprise. Surely these people should be able to remain on the backbenches, whilst simultaneously voting against their own government and making it virtually paralytic in the face of hundreds of anti-Brexit MPs from other parties?

Well, the answer is a simple no.

They got what was coming to them, and framing themselves as inherently virtuous ‘one-nation’ Tories is even more a slap in the face considering their opposition to a democratic mandate given to them by 17.4 million people is dividing the nation more than ever, completely contradicting the concept of one-nation Toryism, which seeks to bring society together.

These people would rather the EU had more control over our country than the people within it, and this nation’s own Parliament. Emily Thornberry, Labour’s shadow Home Secretary, even admitted she’d negotiate a deal ‘to the best of her ability’ and then campaign against it in a second referendum. Not only does this negotiating strategy make literally no sense, it’s a stark reminder of how little the political establishment think of our democracy, and their responsibility to deliver upon the will of the people, a will given to them in the 2016 referendum.

They don’t care about stopping a No Deal Brexit, because they don’t find any form of Brexit remotely acceptable. They are simply buying time for a second referendum, and a possible change of government once Brexit has been well and truly sabotaged.

by Dominique Samuels

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