Labour on course to lose five MPs and Assembly Members in Wales

According to a new poll Labour are on course to lose five Welsh seats in a General Election.

The poll conducted by ITV Wales asked respondents about voting intentions for both Westminster and the Assembly. These findings suggest Labour could lose five Welsh MPs and also a further five Assembly Members.

The polling suggests Labour support stands at 35%, a massive drop of eight points from December. That gives Labour in Westminster the lowest levels of support since May 2017.

Although their support is only down a couple of points, the poll also gives the lowest level of Conservative Westminster support in Wales since January 2017.

This strongly suggests that Labour’s ambiguous Brexit position, shifting towards a second referendum, has little public support. This comes as Jeremy Corbyn’s personal popularity recently hit a record low.

Given Labour's outward enthusiasm for another general election, the Labour leadership may want to reconsider their strategy.

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