The surrender bill, prorogation, and election strategy: A review

Over the last week the pace things are changing at is unbelievable.

The time this article is published, there will probably some new breaking news. Here is a breakdown of a few key events along with their implications

Proroguing Parliament-

When the prime minister announced this, the outcry was unbelievable. The opposition parties called it a dark day for democracy and an attempted coup. Typically, prorogation is normally done on a yearly basis and is considered normal. It has been done at the request of the Prime minister paving way for a “Queens Speech”. It is interesting to know that this current sitting of parliament is the longest and prorogation is long overdue.

Businesswoman, Gina Miller, decided to a legal challenge was necessary but this case was rejected by the High Court, meaning that the prime minister was entirely within his rights to suspend parliament.

Surrender Bill-

Opposition parties decided to work together to prevent a no-deal Brexit, by passing a new bill. Over the last few days the prime minister suffered historic defeats in the House of Commons as MPs took control of parliament. They have been able pass legislation which has now also cleared the House of Lords. This means that Boris Johnson must now request the EU for a further extension or come back to the House of Commons with a new deal, in order to leave the EU. It is now looking unlikely that Boris Johnson will be able to achieve a new deal before 31st October.

We also saw that 21 Conservative MPs rebelled against the Conservative party and voted with the opposition. The action taken by Boris Johnson, has received harsh criticism. The MPs who rebelled which included previous chancellors and cabinet members, have had the ‘whip’ withdrawn meaning they have been expelled from the conservative party and can no longer act and stand as conservative MPs. In my opinion this decision was justified and was exactly what we needed. Over the last three years the conservative party has suffered due to poor and indecisive leadership under Theresa May. These expulsions have reaffirmed the Prime Minister’s commitment to leaving the EU on 31st October.

It makes it clear that only the Conservative party are willing to respect the referendum result and ensure the votes of 17.4 million people are upheld. The Labour party now want to beg for an extension and surrender themselves to the EU and allow them to impose anything they want. Emily Thornberry’s appearance on BBC Question Time, clearly shows the confusion and indecisive plan the Labour party have when it comes to Brexit- they are the party of remain!

General Election-

Following the defeats in parliament, the government put a proposal forward for a general election. It is important to mention that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party have asked for a general election IMMEDIATELY over 50 times! They had the chance to vote for a general election, but instead they showed CONFIDENCE in the government.

The government have made it clear that they don’t want a general election but have understood that one is needed now so the public have the chance to have their say. This is because the new laws would require an extension to Article 50, leading to more delays and uncertainties causing our economy to suffer further.

I think it is important we have an election immediately, so the Conservative party are given the mandate we need to deliver Brexit and focus on our domestic agenda. The polls are looking good for the conservative party.

Now more than ever, we need Conservatives to get out on the doorstep spreading our message ensuring we can command a majority in the House of Commons. We need to focus on Labour leave marginal seats!

The next week also promises to be very interesting, it will be very unpredictable and fast-paced - with the next biggest question being 'can the government secure a general election?'

by Hannan Sarwar

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