Trans activism is becoming a risk to women

There is nothing ‘progressive’ about silencing women.

Before I begin, it’s important that I make one thing absolutely clear: No, I am not transphobic.

I know, to some, this is the classic: “I’m not [insert], but...”, which usually cues something actually extremely offensive, but I am genuinely not intending to be offensive, or ‘phobic’, in any sense of the word. I respect transgender people and the journey that many of them embark on, living in a way that they see fit. As a conservative, one must always believe that the individual knows how best to live and direct their own life. However, that’s not to say that difficult conversations do not need to be had. I am seeing a worrying trend of the voices of women being stifled when it comes to the gender debate and, it is worrying because our institutions, particularly the police, are being weaponised where the issue of gender is concerned.

As a woman, I am angered and surprised that our own government has lawyers arguing the case for the term ‘mother’ to be no longer gender specific, as if the concept of being a mother is that insignificant to women, despite the fact that we are the only sex that can produce children. I am dumbfounded by people on the television complaining that too often mothers are depicted as women, despite that being the literal biological reality. I know that many women are starting to question where the gender debate leaves them. But women are no longer safe to question the fairness of blurring the lines of gender in the name of inclusivity, because they are often shamed, banned from social media, or even have the police called on them.

I am actually quite surprised that award-winning female athlete Martina Navratilova, didn’t have the police called on her for daring to highlight the unfairness of having biological males compete in the same category as women. She was labelled ‘transphobic’ and ‘offensive’, even though it is literally common sense to say that yes, it is unfair for biological men to compete in the same category as women in sport, when men have obvious physical advantages that make them larger, faster and stronger.

As such, whether it be Martina Navratilova, Kate Scottow, (who was detained for 6 hours in front of her own children for calling a transgender woman a man on the internet), or Catholic journalist Caroline Farrow, who was reported to the police, and is to be interviewed under caution for the apparent “misgendering” of a trans activist’s child, this a growing issue; especially pertaining to the case of Caroline Farrow.

Again, the issues Caroline was highlighting were perfectly rational. It is common sense to believe that parents should have the right to know, when allowing their female children to participate in Girl Guides, whether or not they will be sharing a Unit with a biologically male child. Of course, somehow, her arguments were characterised as being rooted in hatred by those that seek to silence anybody that doesn’t subscribe to their narrative. Her supposedly ‘transphobic’ tweets were then reported to the police by Susie Green, from the trans-advocacy group, ‘Mermaids’.

Susie’s trans daughter had her genitalia surgically removed in Thailand 7-years ago.

I regularly find myself questioning whether these people are on another planet to me; a planet where rationality and common sense are substituted with endless supplies of emotion and stupidity. One where anybody who dares to take issue with these matters is subsequently detained by the police or gotten rid of for the sake of this so-called “progressivism”. (By the way, in case you were wondering, two scout leaders who openly questioned this new Girl Guides “policy” were expelled, and yes, they were women, despite having genuine safeguarding concerns).

Even on the issue of gender neutral facilities, this is again a direct threat to the freedom and autonomy of women, but if we speak about it, we’re transphobic. But yes, let’s discount the evidence of the impact of supposed gender neutral/unisex facilities on women, being introduced and implemented by councils across the country to save a few pennies. You could say I’m exaggerating, but only a handful of reported sexual assaults and rapes occur in single-sex facilities at swimming pools and sports centres. 90% of them occur in unisex facilities.

You also might ask why I keep highlighting the impact these things have on women, as of course trans-men exist. But the fact of the matter is, transgender men are a minority. In fact, trans-women account for 77% of trans people on the whole in the UK, the vast majority of which retain their natural anatomy and undergo no gender reassignment surgery. So, these policies are naturally going to be more accommodating to trans-women. Not only that, but trans people make up around 1% of the population if that, so this also doesn’t factor in the amount of men, transgender or not, that pose a safety risk to women.

How are we then, able to fully distinguish what is safe for women and what is not, when the vast majority of those that identify as the opposite gender do not undergo gender reassignment surgery and constitute less than 1% of the population?

I myself have felt unsafe using ‘gender-neutral’ bathrooms in alcohol fuelled environments, yet I am scared to say so.

This isn’t right.

If we continue to discount the distinctive needs of women in society, a group that has historically fought for their right to freedom, we risk regression in the name of progression, and it has already happened. 9/10 claims of sexual misconduct are linked to gender-neutral bathrooms and women are being arrested for having an opinion founded in fact, logic, common-sense or all three combined.

There is nothing ‘progressive’ about silencing women.

by Dominique Samuels

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