When police are murdered, we know we are descending to Armageddon

Recently, we saw the brutal killing of a police officer. It has since been reported, that 10 people have been arrested in suspicion to the murder, including some as young as 13.

What has the world come to? When I was 13, I was doing my homework and playing outside, now children are carrying knives and taking lives away. To me, police officers are a clear symbol of law and order, as they are a central pillar of our society. Officers risk their lives every single day to protect our lives.

It has been revealed that Jed Foster is the man of killing PC Andrew Harper, who has since denied these claims in court. Investigations are still undergoing, and justice will be served. On the 23rd of August, to commemorate the late PC Andrew Harper, both police officers and family had a minute’s silence for the “dearly loved and respected colleague, friend and proud police officer” as described by Thames Valley’s chief Constable. It has been reported that PC Harper was newlywed, and about to go on his honeymoon with his wife, who has now been ripped away from her through this horrific tragedy.

I have seen a real anger towards police officers, especially in the younger generation, as they think of them as their enemy. What people have started to forget is that policemen and women are people, they are human beings. They are someone’s mum, dad, brother, sister, friend… To see such crude disrespect towards people that choose to go out into society and protect the vulnerable is quite horrifying. When will this end? One of the ten arrested in relation to the murder was only 13 years old. 13. Let that sink in for a second. Not old enough to even by a scratch card, but somehow is involved in the brutal killing of a brave officer.

We have failed as a society. Those who are increasingly related to crimes like such are getting younger and younger, showing absolutely no value for human life, in a world where everything is about “status” and power relations between boys. Because, that is what they are, young boys. However, if these boys want to act like murders, the law should, rightly so come down on them heavily. This needs to be a lesson to those getting involved in such activities that this is not and will not be acceptable in this country. This needs to happen now, whilst also tackling root causes of why young people are turning to these forms of crime, otherwise, we will lose the youth of the next generation, and the following ones to come.

We can look back on this and be determined that this doesn’t happen again, not to innocent, law-abiding and law-protecting officers. Harper is a symbol of the ramifications of what has gone terribly wrong in British society. Police officers need to, rightly, have the power in their hands to stop this from happening, if this means tougher laws for ex-offenders, or gang-crime related facial recognition, I will happily give away some of my civil liberties for a safer society, and it is those who seek to ruin innocent lives that should be scared, not the public and certainly not the officers that are risking their lives for us.

by Shradha Badiani

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