Why the Orthodox Conservatives Supported Leaving the European Union and What the Government Must Do

At face value, many would assume that one cannot possibly reconcile the conservative discipline of being opposed to radical change and the great upheaval of leaving a political and economic union we have been a member of for 47 years.

As such, those passionately in support of remaining and those in support of leaving are factions that are both very much entrenched within the Conservative party, (which they have a right to be, of course). Thus, it is no surprise that those opposed to our leaving cite the many apparent risks on embarking on such a bold path – a clear indication to me, of fear of the unknown.

Nevertheless, there are fundamental values that Orthodox Conservatives hold dear, which, at their root are in opposition to the European Union as a supranational body. The first being Europe’s disregard for the sanctity of the nation state. Eroding sovereignty of the nation state has always been at the heart of what the European Union stands for and, for them, such focus on national sovereignty has only led to war and chaos. Surely, this is enough justification for the discounting of national government; community does not lie at the heart of the nation state for the Europhile, only bureaucratic government that inevitably leads to inefficiency and unaccountability.

But for the Britons unsatisfied by such a political setup, this simply isn’t sustainable, nor is it acceptable. Brexiteers wish to change things within the boundaries of their own country, they do not want to be ruled from afar, nor do conservatives who believe in the established parliamentary mode of governance that the United Kingdom has done successfully for many, many years. Consequently, it is now an almost natural occurrence that the Orthodox Conservatives have a particular affinity for the Brexiteer cause.

But, how does this link to the here and now? Against the backdrop of the 2019 general election, the conversation can no longer be about why, but how we can grab the opportunity of Brexit with both hands. As such, our departure from the European Union has birthed newfound opportunities in trade, domestic policy and foreign policy. Indeed, regaining our sovereignty and control over immigration were two of the central reasons millions in this country voted to leave the EU, much to the dismay of higher ups within the political establishments that exist on both the left and the right of the political aisle. Three pivotal elections (including the European elections that saw the Brexit Party successfully muscle its way into the political conversation, swiftly becoming the biggest and most diverse party in the European Parliament) and three Prime Ministers later, our destiny – outside of the European Union – has finally been realised.

However, what does the 2019 general election say about the country? And, what does this tell me, as an Orthodox Conservative, about what the Conservatives must do to capture long-term support from the working-class electorate – particularly in the North and the Midlands – that made this seismic political change possible?

The Conservatives gained 58 seats, the vast majority of them being from Labour, taking five key Labour constituencies in the process. Who would have ever imagined that Dennis Skinner would lose his seat to a Conservative, a seat he has won since 1970? The answer is nobody, which makes it extremely pertinent for the Conservatives to look outside of the Westminster bubble and towards a region in the country that has been ignored by both Labour and the Conservatives for far too long. And yes, Boris Johnson’s new Conservative government has made several important strides toward these forgotten areas, reversing some of the cuts imposed as a result of austerity, whilst maintaining the need for responsible spending, (not the magic Grandpa promises of Corbyn’s electorally unsuccessful Labour Party). Coincided with plans to move the House of Lords to the beautiful city of York, closer to those that gave this government its landslide victory, this is all promising. Hours before our official departure from the European Union, the government marked the momentous occasion with a special Cabinet meeting in the North of England as a symbolic gesture.

These are all good and encouraging signs, but one thing we must not forget is that the out-polling of Labour by double-digit figures among both manual workers and households with incomes below £20,000 is not something that we should take for granted and respond to with ‘more-of-the-same’ now we are free of Europe’s shackles. That being, more of the same bogus immigration targets set by previous governments in a bid to quell concerns over immigration as a result of our EU membership. An Australian points-based system is being rightly welcomed by the current government, ensuring that there is a fairer, more controlled, truly global system for those that want to contribute their skills to our great country, instead of just focussing on workers from the continent of Europe.

We ought to get rid of tedious EU red tape, redevelop the historic relationship built between the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth and offer a fresh helping hand to the countries we tossed aside for Europe and its political union. Developing new trading relationships and rebuilding a closeness that will not only revitalise Britain’s place as a leader in the developed world, but redefine it as one that can independently pursue free trade and the promotion of peace and freedom.

Orthodox Conservatives believe that newly Conservative voters in places like Blackpool South and their small-c conservative values must be one of the main motivators of government social policy. And by that, I stress that the average person cares little about rainbow zebra crossings, nor do they care about the police wasting valuable resources on arresting people for saying mean things on the internet, instead of fighting actual crime. They care little for virtue-signalling, or being lectured endlessly about how racist and privileged they are by people who are much more financially comfortable than them. They want the communities they feel that they have lost to unfettered immigration and subjugation to Brussels, to be heard and not just discounted as forever lost to a Labour party that has completely forgotten its roots.

Indeed, the Labour Party instead pursues nonsensical economic policies that nobody takes seriously. It is a Remain party, that will inevitably seek to drag us kicking and screaming back into a ‘closer union’ with Europe, with politicians at the forefront, of which seemingly hate our country and perpetuate a rampant ‘wokeism’ that has infected it to its core, excluding those of the Jewish faith in the name of socialism, thus making it completely unelectable.

Regrettably for the European Union and the Labour Party, Brexit has given this country a new lease of life–one that makes it imperative for the government to realise this country’s potential if it wants to retain its newly found voting bloc.

Orthodox Conservatives see this as a massive opportunity that the Conservative party’s recent electoral success has made evermore possible. With that being said, if you are interested in what we are about as Orthodox Conservatives, take a look out our website: https://www.orthodoxconservatives.uk/ and apply for membership.

Come and join us.

by Dominique Samuels

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